Today I am delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture 2.7.2, for both free & premium users.

The update has been partly pushed forward due to the release of WordPress 3.5, which caused a few script warnings. As such, this upgrade is critical. The plugin will not work and your site will look ugly if you’re using an old version of the plugin (2.7 or below) with WordPress 3.5.

It isn’t the only fix, there have been a few other bug fixes, these are below:-

Free Changelog

  • Compatible with WordPress 3.5. Critical upgrade if you’re using WP 3.5.
  • Fixed an admin page error so if the news feed wasn’t pulling from my site, then you will get an empty box, rather than an ugly error.
  • Fixed a small bug that appears that error messages weren’t appearing when sites had the default permalink structure.
  • Fixed a redirection bug that users using the default URL structure were having, that caused a usability error.

Premium Changelog

  • All the above.
  • Fixed an error that users were having when servers were unable to understand PHP shortcodes.

You may ask where WordPress 2.7.1 is? Well we were due to release it as we were in the final stages of testing, but WordPress 3.5 dropped, so we decided to skip to 2.7.2. Few people were running 2.7.1 (was an internal release, for people with specific issues). All users should upgrade to 2.7.2.

Both versions are available now. Premium users please log in to download. If you wish to download or purchase WP Email Capture please check out our plans and pricing page.

Any questions – please let us know.


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