It’s been a busy week for me, in the last few weeks. I’ve been taking stock of how things are going with WP Email Capture Premium, and am now ready to announce a few changes and upcoming things!

New Server

The first big change is that we’re now on a brand new, dedicated VPS Server. In short – it means the site that was a bit sluggish over the past few weeks is now super quick. I’ve been keeping an eye on things and overall I’m delighted with the move (which caused me a few grey hairs, I must admit. However, it’s done, and it’s should now be super fast.


One thing however that has changed is the support system for users of Premium. Basically the new server had rather a complex email setup (meaning I couldn’t set it up!), which was needed for the site. As such, I’ve swapped to a forum based system that will hopefully serve the site well going forward.

What Does that Mean for Premium Customers?

If you’ve already bought WP Email Capture – NOTHING CHANGES. You still get a lifetime support to WP Email Capture Premium. Only difference will be the support link up the top will take you to the support forum, rather than a ticketing system. It’s a lot cleaner in my opinion, and hopefully will allow me to serve you better. You still get the support, for life, for free. Thank you.

The only thing that may change is your login details may not work. No worries, just reset your password and you’ll be fine. If you’re still having trouble please email me.

What Does that Mean for Free Users?

Again, nothing changes for free users, I will still answer non-urgent questions on the forums. However, if questions are urgent, you can now buy premium support. Premium support will allow you access to the forums to ask questions that I will aim to answer in one business day. I’ve been praised for my support dedication, so rest assured you’re getting great value. There are various tier levels, and you can have it a rolling subscription or an ongoing one.

What Does That Mean for Potential Premium Customers?

I have slightly changed the structure of Premium, meaning that it now only comes with 6 months support, as opposed to a lifetime support. What I have found is in the 2 years I’ve been running WP Email Capture, most support requests occur within 3 weeks of purchasing. Only 1 support request in 2 years was asked by a customer with over 6 months of usage out of the premium version.

Rest assured this only applies for support for now, you will still get updates.

For the next week, I’m putting WP Email Capture Premium on sale, so you can still get the lifetime free support. To get it, purchase WP Email Capture with the LIFETIMESUP20 to get both lifetime free support & 20% off WP Email Capture.

Click here to buy.

What’s The Future of WP Email Capture?

Just to give you an overview on what I’ve got planned over the next few months. I’ve got WP Email Capture 3.11 coming out soon which fixes a few small bugs. And then I’ll be pushing on with WP Email Capture 4.0.

Verison 4.0 will be almost a complete rewrite of the code. The plan is to introduce a range of extensions, which will hook into WP Email Capture, so that those who use them, can, wheras those who don’t, don’t have to. That’s the plan anyway.


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