It is with great delight to announce that WP Email Capture 3 is out now!

I’ve had a soft launch with WP Email Capture 3, launching actually just before Christmas, but now I’m able to tell the world about it.

WP Email Capture 3 – The Refactoring

WP Email Capture 3 had a huge refactor of the code from 2.11 (the last branch of 2.11). Previously, the Premium version of the plugin was a replacement for the free one, which made it hard to push out updates, as you’d have to push out a new version of both the free version and the premium version, to keep the number the same. This lead to problems as people were downloading the free version and overwriting the premium version.

Version 3 stops this issue.

The Premium version is now an extension of the free version. Both the free version and the premium version run off the same codebase, with the premium version functionality is added on to the free version. This means that changes can be made a lot quicker, updates can be made a lot quicker, furthermore Easy Digital Downloads is now the cart of choice for the plugin, meaning that you can now update directly from the WordPress Dashboard, no FTP details necessary!

Both myself and WordPress have grown in the 6 years that WP Email Capture have been out for, so we have changed the code to use a lot more native WordPress functionality, rather than PHP functionality. In particular the security checks. As such, WP Email Capture is a lot more secure than it has been.

wp-email-capture-helpBetter Documentation

Both the free version and the Premium version now has better documentation. I’m quite happy that one of the best things in the last 6 years of the plugin has been that support has been incredibly light. I suppose that means the plugin is easy to use. The premium version is a little more confusing, as the support did seem to confuse a few people. However the documentation was a 30 page PDF and often missed.

Now for both the free version and the premium version the documentation is in the plugin itself. This should make it easier for you to get support. This area will be worked on in the next few months to make it better.

Upgrade to WP Email Capture 3 Today

WP Email Capture 3 also integrates better with WordPress 4.5, and also fixes a bunch of bugs which you can check in the changelogs for the Free Version and the Premium Version. The Premium version is once again $49, for a year updates and support.

Introducing WP Email Capture – Mandrill Integration

logoOf course, by turning WP Email Capture Premium into an extension, this will allow us to make other extensions. This will help us develop possible features going forward and they can be built quickly. The first one is the Mandrill Integration with WP Email Capture.

One of the most common questions that is how to improve deliverability for WP Email Capture emails. The first extension integrates Mandrill with WP Email Capture.

Mandrill is a service by Mailchimp that allows you to send emails through their servers. This improves their deliverability for the emails, as their servers are whitelisted with a bunch of email providers. With this plugin, this allows you to send your WP Email Capture emails through Mandrill. I’ve been running it on this site since December, and it’s ended up doing well, improving conversion rates.

This plugin is available to buy from the site on their dedicated product page. The price is $25 and you can buy clicking on the link below.


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