One of the best ways to ensure social proof is to share how many people are with you on a particular action. Online shops – particularly travel sites – will share when people buy products, and social media follow buttons often show a number of followers next to them. Why? Because humans are social creatures and often we trust our friends opinions, and don’t really want to stand out.

The same is true for your newsletters – would you want to subscribe to a newsletter with only a few numbers? Or would you rather trust your email address with a company that hundreds or thousands have already trusted theirs with?

That way, it’s a pretty good idea to display the number of subscribers of your WP Email Capture List if you have a decent number to begin with, but how do you do this? Well, you can check this out using our Display Subscriber Shortcode!

This is a simple plugin, compatible with both WP Email Capture Free and WP Email Capture Premium will allow you to add a shortcode on your site in both posts and widgets. Full installation instructions and changelog are available on the Display Subscribers Shortcode page, but to use the plugin add the [[wp_email_capture_users]] shortcode anywhere on the site.

Oh, and this plugin is free.

To download this plugin please click the button below. You will have to go through the checkout process, but no money changes hands, you don’t have to provide anything beyond your email address (the plugin is sent to you via email for ease of use).

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