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2017’s Top 3 WordPress Themes for Email Marketing

Although email marketing is largely focussed on exactly that – email, it is important to look at how you are actually capturing emails. Having a poorly optimised theme can affect signups, no matter what service you use. So what should you look for in a WordPress theme for email marketing? Well, ideally you want a [read more…]

WP Email Capture Premium v3.2.2 Released!

Today, I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture Premium v3.2.2. This version fixes a huge bug in the Premium Version, so it’s worth upgrading. Meta Data Association Bug A bug was discovered in WP Email Capture v.3.2.1 and below which could have caused incorrect data being associated with the wrong sign up [read more…]

Top Tips To Improve Your Clickthrough Rate of Email

So you now have a list with a lot of people reading your emails, but unfortunately your clickthrough rates are still a bit low, with nobody clicking through to your content. This is only a slight improvement on what you had previously, but in reality if you’re not getting clicks, you’re not getting conversions. Although [read more…]

WP Email Capture – Akismet Integration Launched

Today I’m delighted to announce that since the release of WP Email Capture 3.2, we’ve finished our latest integration, which is WP Email Capture – Akismet Integration, and it is now launched. What is Akismet? Akismet is a service that should be familiar to most WordPress users, Akismet is a plugin that connects with Automattic’s [read more…]

WP Email Capture 3.2 Released

Today we’re delighted to announce that WP Email Capture 3.2 has been pushed live for both Free & Premium users! Both versions saw a number of updates, and a number of improvements to the code base, as well as new hooks for integrations. Major Improvement – Better i18n Support We were told that certain language [read more…]

Black Friday 2016 Deals for WP Email Capture

Christmas is around the corner, so I feel it’s now time to announce our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for this year! This year we are offering you a onetime offer on our whole range. Yes, you can get deals on not only WP Email Capture Premium (our flagship product that allows multiple list capture amongst [read more…]