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New Page – WP Email Capture Partners

I’ve recently put together a “Partners” page. In short, it’s products (be them email marketing services, WordPress themes, helper plugins or hosting providers) that I have personally tested works with WP Email Capture (Free & Premium), or those that I have worked with their creators to help make. These are products I’m confident work with [read more…]

How To Use Mailchimp with WP Email Capture Premium

So if you have been using Mailchimp with WP Email Capture free and wish to upgrade to WP Email Capture Premium, you may be wondering what you need to do to get Mailchimp fully integrated with WP Email Capture Premium. Don’t worry, setup is easy, as this article will talk you through the process. Presumptions [read more…]

WP Email Capture Premium 2.7.5 Released

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture Premium 2.7.5! This version is designed to help developers and theme designers, allowing them to make a bit of cash on the side easily, as the Free version now integrates easier with the WP Email Capture Premium Affiliate Programme. I plan my next stage [read more…]

WP Email Capture 2.7.4 Released!

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture 2.7.4 for both the free and premium versions. This update is aimed at theme developers, as I’ve added in a few more hooks and classes for theme developers so they can edit the plugin in their themes. Here are the changes:- Premium Version Added [read more…]

WP Email Capture 2.7.3 Released!

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture 2.7.3! This version, both for Premium and Free Users, fixes a small encoding bug, as well as introduce a new feature to the premium version. It isn’t a major security release, but well worth installing. Premium Version Fixes a small encoding issue in emails [read more…]

Apocalyptic WP Email Capture Premium Sale!

Doomsday is here. Unless you’ve had your head in a rock for the past year or so, a few thousand years ago the Mayans predicted that tomorrow, the 21st December, is the End of the World. As such, we’re having a bit of a fire sale. Actually it’s more of a sulfuric gasses and hellfire [read more…]