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5 Ways To Build Your Email List Today

Plan to start a new business? Well, that’s a great decision. Scaling your business is what you must be thinking day and night. You can use a plethora of tools available in the market to scale your online business. If you have a WordPress website, WPeka offers a wide range of premium plugins and themes [read more…]

How to Use WP Email Capture with Mailgun

Recently I’ve been receiving a lot of support requests from the same kind of issue, how to improve deliverability of emails from WP Email Capture. I must admit this is a problem I don’t have as I’ve gone through the process before, but if you receive an email from WordPress (such as a password reset) [read more…]

Best Ways to Grow an Email List

Having an email list is one of the most valuable tools a business can have at their disposal. There is no algorithm, no real rules to play around (beyond the classic “Don’t be evil”, but you knew that already), and it is a great way to get your crafted message in front of people who [read more…]

Top Tips To Improve Your Clickthrough Rate of Email

So you now have a list with a lot of people reading your emails, but unfortunately your clickthrough rates are still a bit low, with nobody clicking through to your content. This is only a slight improvement on what you had previously, but in reality if you’re not getting clicks, you’re not getting conversions. Although [read more…]