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Using WP Email Capture with Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the leading email marketing platforms out there, as it allows you to powerfully send email marketing campaigns quickly and easily and will allow you to build beautiful campaigns that can be tracked. A number of people have approached us recently asking about our support for Constant Contact, and from getting [read more…]

How to Create Landing Pages with WP Email Capture

One of the most popular questions asked for WP Email Capture users is “How to create landing pages” using it. Landing pages – for the unaware – are single purpose pages designed to help drive conversions. They give the users enough information about a product or service to hopefully reassure users and encourage them to [read more…]

How To Use Mailchimp with WP Email Capture Premium

So if you have been using Mailchimp with WP Email Capture free and wish to upgrade to WP Email Capture Premium, you may be wondering what you need to do to get Mailchimp fully integrated with WP Email Capture Premium. Don’t worry, setup is easy, as this article will talk you through the process. Presumptions [read more…]

How to Set Up WP Email Capture Free

After receiving a few emails about this, I thought I’d create a guide for setting up the free version of WP Email Capture. It appears there has been a bit of confusion in setting it up, so this guide is designed to take you through the steps from plugin installation to having a fully functioning [read more…]

How To Move Away from Feedburner Forever – Part 2

In part 1 of my tutorial on moving away from feedburner, I discussed how to extract email addresses of Feedburner’s RSS subscribers. Whilst Feedburner is a great service, it is far more effective to build up an email list and use that to send emails. However, one of the core features of Feedburner is the [read more…]

How to Move Away from Feedburner Forever – Part 1

If you were to believe the reports from some circles, Feedburner may be shutting down. In all honesty, it was simply them depreciating their API (this means that there is no future developments on their system) so can’t be trusted in being supported going forward. Nevertheless, if you are a feeburner user, it could be [read more…]

How To Use WP Email Capture Lite With MailChimp

One of the most popular services to use with WP Email Capture is Mailchimp. It’s easy to see why, as for an entry-level marketer, with a storage capacity of 2000 email addresses and 12,000 emails a month, Mailchimp is great for those who dabble in email marketing, people such as myself. WP Email Capture Free [read more…]