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AuthorRhys Wynne

WP Email Capture – Akismet Integration allows integration between WP Email Capture and spam prevention service, Akismet.

What Is Akismet?

Akismet is a popular spam prevention service that uses advanced detection techniques and spam submitted through millions of Akismet sites that can help identify and eliminate spam. Most blogs get hit with spam comments on a daily basis, and the sheer act of deleting them or reading through them can take forever. Akismet stops all that by automatically marking comments as spam or evening deleting them automatically, meaning you can focus on more important things.

All the integration requires is an API Key. To find out more about Akismet, click here.

What does This Integration Do?

This Integration allows Akismet to be integrated with WP Email Capture. If you have been using WP Email Capture for a while, you will notice that the amount of temporary emails, and even some emails on your list, are spam emails (there are ways to easily circumvent two factor authentication). This plugin will help reduce spam signups and temporary email signups by using Akismet to check the name and the email (as well as things such as the IP address) against Akismet’s database. If it is a known spammer, then it isn’t added to your database, but instead an error is shown.


Setup of this plugin takes less than 5 minutes, and you should be protected from most spam on the site.

The premium version allows you to control the message.

What You Need to use WP Email Capture – Akismet Integration

To use this you need the following:-

  1. At least WP Email Capture Free, though it works with WP Email Capture Premium too.
  2. An active account with Akismet – you can get Akismet here.

WP Email Capture – Akismet Integration Plugin Support

Support is provided with Premium Support only.