Installation Guide

All extensions, including WP Email Capture Premium, are installed the same way in WordPress.

In 2015, WP Email Capture Premium changed from being a standalone plugin to it’s own plugin. You can read a separate guide on upgrading from 2.11 to 3.0 here. As such, you will need WP Email Capture (henceforth known as WP Email Capture Free) running on your site as well.

Here is a guide on how to install extensions.

1. Make Sure WP Email Capture Free Is Installed & Activated On Your Site

If you are starting a new site, or even having a site with WP Email Capture Premium on it, then please make sure the free version is already on the site.

If you are unsure, head to the Dashboard in WordPress, and go Plugins > Installed Plugins. If WP Email Capture is present and highlighted, then go to the next step.

If it isn’t there, you will need to click “Add New” and search for “WP Email Capture”. Find it, and install it.

Further installation instructions are available on the WP Email Capture Installation page on

2. Download Your Extension

Upon purchasing your extension, it should appear in your “Your Account” page on the site. Log in to your account (details will have been emailed to you at registration) and then click the download link of the extension you wish to download.

3. Upload Your Extension to Your Site

Back on your site, go back to the Dashboard > Plugins > Add New, and click the “Upload Plugin” button. Browse to where your Extension is downloaded to from step 2 and click “Install Now”. Once installed, click “Activate”.

And then you should have your extension activated! Still having problems? Why not check out the support area.