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AuthorRhys Wynne

WP Email Capture Returning User Redirect is a simple extension to WP Email Capture that will redirect returning users to your site to the confirmation page, rather than show an error.

There has been times recently where users were asking if returning users, rather than get an error, would be sent to the confirmation page. This wasn’t done to begin with as this could affect conversions in Google Analytics, but users were beginning to use WP Email Capture as some sort of simple membership site, so I thought to help those users, I’ll build this plugin.

This plugin adds a simple checkbox to the Settings page, asking you if you want to redirect users to the confirmation page URL, rather than show an error. This can be useful if you want a better user experience from repeat visitors, as rather than get an error, they will be taken direct to your confirmation page.

This plugin purchase includes one year of support and updates, and integrates with both the free and premium version of WP Email Capture.

Installation and Setup of WP Email Capture – Returning User Redirect

Upon installing the plugin and setting it up head to WP Email Capture > Settings. There will be an option “Redirect Already Registered Users to Confirmation Page”. Check this box to activate redirection on already confirmed users.

Please Note: This will only work on already confirmed users, unconfirmed users will not be redirected (instead they will be sent a new link).

Usage with GDPR Features in WP Email Capture

Of course, there are GDPR Features within WP Email Capture. Data is automatically cleaned after a certain length of time should you choose to set it. I would recommend switching this feature off if you do use this plugin.

Furthermore should you switch this off, please make sure you reflect this in the Privacy Policy page.