Growing a list with a tool such as WP Email Capture is one job, however it can be tricky to keep them interested following the initial sign up, especially if at a later date you wish to promote yourself to them. The best email lists are those that are kept “warm” –  these lists aren’t sold to out of the blue, but instead offers are built up to.

This is something I’ve been trying to do on WP Email Capture recently, with the new release of WP Email Capture 3.0, however it’s been a learning process, and this post will cover what I’ve learned recently with my list.

Should You Auto Generate Newsletter from your RSS Feed?

The first stop for most users will be an auto-generated newsletter usually pulled from your RSS feed. Whilst this will allow you to explore the feasibility of creating a newsletter on an ongoing basis, you probably shouldn’t run it for the long term to maximise the power of an email marketing list, as people do get blind to RSS feed email newsletters.

What I could suggest is maybe offering some sort of segmentation to your RSS Feed newsletter, maybe if they’re consistently opened by a segment of your audience, you should send your RSS feed to them. However to be honest if your readers enjoy your RSS Newsletter, they’re more likely to read a more content rich newsletter.

Writing an in-depth Newsletter

Of course, when you decide to switch to a more in-depth content rich newsletter, you may see your views increase over time. However these do require a lot of work to set up, however there are ways of preparing them in a formulaic way to hopefully make it a lot easier.

Another thing about an in-depth newsletter is that you have to schedule time to send it. RSS feed newsletters get sent out automatically, these won’t be, so include this in your editorial workflow.

Ask them! People will respond and list reasons.

If of course you are struggling for ideas, you can do something to help keeping your list warm by actually asking people what they want to see and hear about. It seems so simple but this can really get your message on point.

So, this week, implement one of the above so your list and stop ignoring the list you’ve worked hard to build!

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So yeah, the first version of the new WP Email Capture Newsletter will go out in approximately 2 weeks time. If you want to see what it’s about, subscribe below.

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