As we approach the end of the year, thoughts turn to 2017, and possible challenges that could be faced. One such challenge is changes to Google Chrome, which could see your site affected.

What is Changing With Google Chrome?

In January, Google will explicitly list sites as not secure. Previously, Google Chrome showed a warning sign rather than explicitly said anything. However now it will say “not secure”. This could affect possible conversions on your site, particularly if you take credit card details or have any form of login (though quite why you would have credit card fields on an insecure site is beyond me).

What Has WP Email Capture Got To Do With It?

Well, nothing yet. Nothing Should Change with WP Email Capture. You should still be able to capture leads, as only fields that are affected are explicitly password fields, and credit card fields. Neither of these fields are present in the plugin (both the free plugin and the premium version),

This isn’t a WP Email Capture, or even a WordPress change. This is a hosting thing you need to be aware of. Personally I am more for it, the more secure the web can become then the more it can grow.

WP Email Capture have already taken steps to make the site secure – we don’t take payment details on this site (instead use Paypal) and we are already secure to the only place you log into the site (the “Your Account” page). Though we do recommend that you use a secure and unique password for this site.

How To Fix It?

There shouldn’t be anything to fix, but it is probably a good idea to move your site behind a secure SSL certificate. They are now free (thanks to Lets Encrypt) so ask your host if they support Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, I am currently curating a list of hosts that have SSL Certificate and Lets Encrypt support. It will be published on the Winwar Media Blog in the new year. Update: I have published my blog on how to fix the not secure error in Google Chrome using WordPress.

And WP Email Capture works with both secure and insecure sites. So this post has become about 350 words on “there’s something to be aware of, but nothing to worry about”!



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