Today I’m delighted to announce the official launch of Drip Integration for WP Email Capture.

What is Drip?

If you are not familiar with Drip, you should check it out. Drip is a service that allows you to pass subscribers through funnels. These funnels change dependant on not only where user subscribes, but also how they interact with you. If a user interacts with you, you may choose to push them towards your paid offers quicker. Alternatively those who don’t interact with your emails, you can choose to keep sending them emails.

My customising your message to each user, this should improve your list metrics no end. Your list users will thank you and you will thank yourself. Unsubscriptions will drop, and those who do will be unlikely to report you as spam. What you are left with? An engaged, targeted list.

To find out more about Drip click here.

Introducing Drip Integration for WP Email Capture

The Drip Integration for WP Email Capture – quite simply – integrates WP Email Capture with Drip. This version, that works with both the free version of WP Email Capture and the premium version, will allow you to push any user that completes sign up directly to Drip.

Set up takes minutes, and there’s full documentation in the plugin.

So take your list building to the next level by marrying WP Email Capture and Drip. A year’s licence is $15, which gives you a years updates and support.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll be sure to get back to you.


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