Today I’m delighted to announce the release of 3.1.3. This fixes one bug in the premium version, and expands both the free and premium versions.

Added Action before Redirect

I’ve added an action to WP Email Capture – wp_email_capture_complete_before_redirect. This action, which takes an array as an argument, is present in both the free and premium version. There is a reason for this action (more on that soon).

This action runs just before the redirect. This will allow you to do things with the data of registered users before redirecting to their goals. This will hopefully allow you to push your data to elsewhere should you wish to.

If you are a developer, please contact me if you have any ideas on how to expand it further then feel free to contact me.

Premium Bug Fix – Allow Exporting of Meta Data

There was a bug in the premium version that didn’t allow expanded data to be exported. This has now been fixed.

To upgrade to premium is only $49. Should you wish to do so please click the link below.


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