Today, I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture Premium v3.2.2. This version fixes a huge bug in the Premium Version, so it’s worth upgrading.

Meta Data Association Bug

A bug was discovered in WP Email Capture v.3.2.1 and below which could have caused incorrect data being associated with the wrong sign up email address. It was caused whenever you deleted WP Email Capture data from your database using something like phpMyAdmin, rather than using the buttons provided. This meant that only some data was being deleted, rather than entire records. There may have been other ways this bug would occur, but this was the only way we reliably found a way of recreating it.

What did this mean? Well, some email addresses may have had two extra fields of the same field type associated with them, others may only have had one, and others wouldn’t have any. This probably would have righted itself (in our testing it seemed to correct itself eventually) but unfortunately this wasn’t perfect.

We’ve now put checks in place preventing this from occurring.

If you use extra fields in WP Email Capture Premium, I strongly suggest you upgrade to the latest version (3.2.2).

Help Files Updated

As well as this, we noticed some missing information from the help files in WP Email Capture Premium. We have added this back in.

Upgrade to WP Email Capture Premium!

Upgrading to WP Email Capture Premium from the free version is only $49 and that gives you a year’s support and updates. To upgrade, please click the button below.


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